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Hashpa’ah & Soul Memory

What is Hashpa’ah?

Hashpa’ah, Jewish Spiritual Direction, is a dialogic encounter that reveals G!d’s Presence in every aspect of one’s life.

Hanna TifferetThe Mashpiah/Director listens whole-heartedly as the Mushpa/at/Directee shares the stories of his/her life. Through prayer, meditation, song, study, ritual, and a willingness to invite G!d into any situation, limitations and perceptions begin to shift. We are able to see that everything that unfolds before us is an opportunity for The Mystery to speak to us. We become active participants in lifting the veils of confusion and raising the sparks of consciousness through the realization of the interconnectedness of All that Is.

The Hebrew word, Hashpa’ah, means “to influence or guide.” The primary root, shin, pey, ayin, means “God’s Abundant Blessing.” The Hashpa’ah experience is a gateway to access and receive limitless blessing. It invites Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart, and Joy of Being through an honest “I-Thou” relationship with a Mashpiah. We honor our strengths and our shadow side and come to know G!d as S/He enlivens us and guides us. Hashpa’ah is not psychotherapy. It is spiritual attunement which accesses each person’s unique line of communication with the Divine.

A Hashpa’ah session is approximately one hour and the fee is $100.

What is Soul Memory Discovery?

Soul Memory Discovery is a process of energetic healing that has been developed and transmitted through its Master Teacher, Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW. Through many years of listening to Guidance and applied learning, Ellen has co-created a compendium of processes that extends beyond the physical, emotional, and mental levels of perception to the soul of the matter. Ellen has lovingly taught and prepared many facilitators to bring this work into the world.

The Soul is eternal and carries with it memories of countless lifetimes. Those imprints endure in the electro-magnetic field, called the aura. When we do Soul Memory work, we are able to clear the field and to access hidden memories that are the root cause of current suffering. We begin by creating sacred space through a polarity balance, to align with the Earth’s energy field. This is followed by an invocation that welcomes the Beings of Light who guide and protect us. The client’s Guidance Team directs the session in response to simple “yes-no” questions, identifying the source of the problem and then clearing and releasing it. Throughout the session, the participant is fully aware and responsive. The process is gentle, profound, uplifting, and empowering. Soul Memory is a sacred ritual that uses the power of words and intention to create change and unlock doors. As we sit together
in the Light, we are surrounded by Love and Healing.

A Soul Memory session is approximately two hours long and the fee is $180.

Rabbi Hanna Tiferet is available for Hashpa’ah and/or Soul Memory sessions in person or via Zoom or Phone.

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Elohai neshama shenatata bi tehora hi
G!d, the soul which You have given me is pure.