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Olamama Is Back
20 years after it was first recorded!

Now, more than ever, our children need songs that affirm the holiness of life.

A generation grew up on this music and it’s time to inspire the next generation. Enjoy!

$15 – includes postage and taxes

This 63-minute extended play album produced by Fran Avni, contains 17 songs. Olamama, the title song, joins the Hebrew word “olam,” which means world, with “mama,” the universal word for mother. Olamama invites all of us to live with the wonder of a child and appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth. There is something for everyone in this recording – folk ballads, calypso, nigunim, jazz, and sacred chants. Other songs include Wake-up Shema, S’fatai Tiftah, Rosh Hodesh Song, Shabbat Blessing, and Tefilat Haderech.

Lyrics for Olamama