Singer/Songwriter, Liturgical Artist, Spiritual Guide


Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel is a poet and mystic through whom song and inspiration flow. She weaves together prayerful melodies and thoughtful teachings in a web of spirit and celebration.

Through new music, liturgical innovation, and attunement to the Divine Feminine, Hanna plants seeds of Jewish Renewal wherever she goes. Since the late 1960’s, she has designed prayer experiences that include meditation, yoga, dance, original prayers, and midrashim. Her devotion and loving commitment prepared the ground for the egalitarian participation of women in Jewish spiritual leadership. Soul Sisters at the Oregon Coast
Rabbi Hanna Tiferet was the first woman to receive the title of Eshet Hazon/Woman of Vision, and Miyaledet Neshama/Midwife of the Soul at a ceremony designed for her on Shavu’ot in 1982. She received ordination as a Rabbinic Pastor in 1992 from Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and as a Rabbi in 2003 from Reb Zalman and many of her rabbinic colleagues in Jewish Renewal. She also earned a Masters of Jewish Studies Degree at Boston Hebrew College in 2003. Hanna studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as a Melton Senior Educator in 1996-97. Lynn Claires Eshet Hazon Ceremony
Rabbi Hanna co-founded Congregation Or Shalom in Vancouver, British Columbia from 1978-1987 with her husband, Rabbi Daniel Siegel. They helped to revitalize the Upper Valley Jewish Community in Hanover, NH from 1987-1997 and then served as co-spiritual leaders for Congregation B’nai Or of Boston, MA from 1999-2006. Hanna and Daniel - Shabbat at Grassy Point
Rabbi Hanna Tiferet taught for many years at Elat Chayyim Jewish Retreat Center and at the Conference on Judaism in Rural New England. She has travelled extensively throughout the United States and Canada leading workshops, Shabbatonim, and as an artist in residence. Candle Lighting at Grassy Point
Rabbi Hanna is a gifted Jewish Educator and has taught children of all ages, guiding them to hear the voice of G!d as it speaks through them. She developed a transformative B’nai Mitzvah visioning process based on the five elements of the Shema which encourages each student to discover his/her personal philosophy and theology. Tying Tzitzit with Mae
A creative liturgist, Hanna Tiferet has been blessed with the gift of writing new melodies for ancient Hebrew prayers. She has recorded eight CDs of original “soul” music and compiled three songbooks. Hanna’s music is sung around the world in synagogues, havurot, homes, cars, and spiritual gatherings. B'nai Or Angelic Choir October 2006
Rabbi Hanna Tiferet currently serves as a Mashpi’ah Ruchanit (Spiritual Guide) and is a member of the ALEPH (Alliance for Jewish Renewal) Mashpiah Faculty. She is certified as a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator and offers those processes of healing when the need arises. Hanna brings her gifts of compassionate listening and her attunement to the Divine Presence into sessions with all those who seek her assistance on their journey of self-discovery. Prayer
Hanna Tiferet’s greatest joy in this phase of her life is to be a Baba, a grandmother, to two precious granddaughters. Three Generations